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Amusement Park

Amusement Park has a beautiful green landscape with lawns, trees, shades with benches to sit, and much of greenery. In the Amusement Park we have the following Exciting rides :- Click for more details

Swing Chair
Family Train
Water MGR
Bungee Jump
Jumping Frog
Dashing Car
Flying Dutchman
Mono Cycle
Video Games
Kids Game
Enterprises Ride
Break Dance
Rodio    Thrillerium Theatre
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Kanha's Fun City
Rukmani Amusement Ltd.
Hoshangabad Road, Ratanpur, Bhopal

Telophone No: +91 755 2499464, +91 755 2499463
Mobile: +91 7049922744, +91 7049922844, +91 9644331122